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(Pocket-lint) - For the second time in two years, Transport for London has refused to reissue a private hire licence for Uber in London, panicking customers into seeking alternatives already.

Uber will continue to operate throughout any appeal process it might undertake, which it is yet to confirm.

However, that doesn't mean passengers are willing to take chances. They are already searching for details on rival taxi services, such as Free Now and Lyft in the hope that they could fill the gap.

Free Now is the new name for the former myTaxi service and is available in London and many other cities around the world, so you would be better looking for that app here.

Lyft, sadly, doesn't actually operate in the UK at all.

Lyft is a very similar service to Uber in the US. In fact, many of its taxi drivers are also registered with Uber too, so pick up clients who request a ride from either company.

However, while Uber expanded globally, Lyft is yet to catch up.

It covers many cities in the States, but not the UK. Sorry.

Let's hope Uber is successful with its appeal. Or you'll have to find alternatives, including utilising London's fine black cab service again.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.