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(Pocket-lint) - Uber's cheapest, most popular UberX tier will soon be either fully-electric or hybrid.

With "500-year" hurricanes happening all the time now, it seems like everyone should be talking about climate change and the role we play as a fossil fuel-dependent species. Our cities are growing, and so is air pollution. While we can make small changes at home to reduce our carbon footprint, we really need big companies and corporations to join the fight, especially if we want to make a swift, ever-lasting impact.


So, we're glad to hear that Uber has determined to play its part in tackling air pollution across the UK. It has announced a Clean Air Plan effort that consists of a new series of measures for drivers, riders, and cities. By the end of 2019, every UberX car in London will be 100-per cent hybrid or fully electric with no diesel vehicles on the app. By the end of 2022, the same will be true for all of the UK.

It ultimately has a goal for every vehicle using the app in London to be electric by 2025. Mind you, these new goals are likely in response to legislation passed by London’s transport agency that mandates all new private hire vehicles operating in the capital must be zero emissions capable by 2020. However, earlier this year, Uber had already expanded its fleet of all-electric vehicles in London to 150.

Uber also announced a new scheme for drivers who want to upgrade their car to an electric or hybrid (up to £5,000) and another scheme that will give 1,000 Londoners who choose to ditch their old diesel vehicle “up to £1,500” in Uber credit. Uber will pay for this in part by adding 35p to the cost of every ride taken in the capital, with all proceeds going toward the new schemes.

Writing by Elyse Betters.