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(Pocket-lint) - Following a rollout in the US, and complaints from some UK-based drivers, Uber is adding in-app tipping to the ride-hailing service in the UK. The new feature will go live from tomorrow, 15 August.

While it won't be customary to tip your driver for a journey, if you feel they've provided a particularly good service, such as pointing out some sights on your trip or letting you play some death metal incredibly loudly via Spotify, you can now add on a few extra pounds to your payment.


Uber is making some other changes to the app and service that will benefit drivers more than passengers. From 22 August, if you take more than two minutes to turn up to your designated car, you will be charged 20p per minute after the initial two minutes.

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A small fee for cancelling a ride up to five minutes after you've requested it will be reduced to a two minute window. However, if the two minute window passes, and your driver is running more than five minutes behind schedule, you will be able to cancel it fee-free.

Other changes for drivers will include a new "no thanks" option, so they can easily dismiss trips they don't want to take, although this will only be available three times per day. Turn down more than three trips and drivers will be automatically logged out of the app.

Writing by Max Langridge.