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(Pocket-lint) - Uber is adding one of the big missing features to its service in the UK: the ability to pre-book.

Uber has had a rough ride since its launch in London, but the app-powered taxi service has found favour with Londoners, beating black cabs hands-down when it comes to prices on those longer rides around the city, especially for revellers heading home at the end of the night.

While part of the joy of getting an Uber involves opening the app, hitting the button and watching the car moving closer to you on the map, the big hole in Uber's service has been the ability to book in advance. This is where rivals have offered more, with companies like Addison Lee offering pre-booking as a major part of its service.

From 4pm today business users will be getting access to the new service, according to Engadget, with regular private users getting the option "within two weeks". 

You'll be able to book an Uber anything from 15 minutes to 30 days in advance, meaning the business customers can book an Uber to take their CEO to that important meeting, or more likely, people will be able to book an Uber to take them to the airport at 5am.

The important thing about adding the feature is that for many users, they will be able to stick to Uber, and won't then have to use a different service for those occasions when pre-booking is essential.

Writing by Chris Hall.