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(Pocket-lint) - It's summertime, and it's hot out (well, supposed to be anyway).

The Uber team knows this and believes the best way to cool off (and to get you to use its app) is to offer a global promotion on 24 July. Called Uber Ice Cream, it's all about delivering Wall’s Cornettos ice cream directly to you.

"We’ll be bringing you your very own ice cream parlour on demand - completely free - with a little sprinkling of nostalgia," explained Uber in a blog post. "Tap a button and get a brain freeze across 8 UK cities."

The ride-hailing app recommended Brits across the UK limit themselves to requesting a delivery from a private property (like a home or office). You can order through the Uber app between 11 am and 7 pm in one of these cities: London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Lille, Manchester, and Leeds.

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Unfortunately, the weather indicates it might rain with a high of 18 degrees C. If you're still down for some ice cream, here's how to place your order:

How do you request ice cream through Uber?

  • Install and open the Uber app 24 July, between 11 am and 7pm
  • Set your location
  • Notice the ice cream slider - slide it to the right
  • Request your ice cream parlour
  • If a vehicle is available, you'll be enjoying Wall’s Cornettos in minutes

Keep in mind demand will be high and availability will be limited.

Want to know more?

Check out Uber's blog post for more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters.