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(Pocket-lint) - Idea Bank is the Uber of cash, sending an ATM deposit machine to you, built into the back of a BMW i3.

The thinking behind Idea Bank is to offer cash deposits, on call, anywhere a person needs it.

This could be great for pop-up restaurants and bars or festivals as it's primarily aimed at businesses. Rather than walking to the bank with a day's takings a business owner can call the car to them to pay it in safely. But it's available, free of charge, for individuals too.

The Idea Bank cars are BMW i3 models meaning they're fully electric so will have limited range – especially with all that cash weight – but won't damage the environment.

Once the Idea Bank app is downloaded and installed a person or business can use their mobile to call the car. It can be set to arrive at a certain time and place meaning depositing the day's takings should be easy and fast on the way out of the office.

How these cars are kept secure isn't clear. Presumably the same standards applied to safety deposit vans that transport banks' money are in place. We're still not sure we could put our day's takings into a little BMW i3 at the street corner.

The Idea Bank service is currently in Poland but if the idea catches on perhaps it'll be hitting a bank near you soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 5 May 2015.