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(Pocket-lint) - So far Uber has only been running in the US and Europe, but now its arrived in India to take on the local company Ola.

Uber has not only set up in India with its taxi service but has also brought a car financing scheme to make setting up as a driver easier for India's citizens.

Uber will be offering discounts to potential drivers who need to buy a car to get started. By teaming up with finance companies including Toyota, Uber is making it possible for people to get a car on finance with a down payment from as little as INR60,000 which is about £615.

Uber likes to think of its drivers as entrepreneurs who generate their own business, with Uber acting as the supplier. Uber says: "With Vehicle Financing, Uber takes a large step forward in its endeavor to create entrepreneurs in every section of society. We have now empowered individuals and have created an ecosystem that will enable hundreds of thousands of young Indians to become new business owners."

India already has Ola in place which offers financing and is in 19 cities where Uber is only in 10. So the US company has its work cut out for it. Uber is now in 100 cities across 45 countries.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.