(Pocket-lint) - For those of you in London who still haven't cared enough to try Uber, a new price change might finally pique your interest.

The Uber London team has announced that it will cut UberX prices in the city by 15 per cent. The cheaper pricing will go into effect on 29 August at 3 PM BST exactly. The company also announced minimum fares would now start at £5 in London, and it emphasised that splitting the cost with another person over a short distance would be cheaper than taking the tube at peak times.

Uber is a mobile app that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. You don't have to make a reservation or wait in a taxi line to use Uber. Just compare rates for different verified vehicles and services through Uber, then add a credit card to your account, and set your pick-up location on a map. The app also lets you check the progress of your car and the route a driver took before paying.

Uber offers different types of cars at varying price points, depending on your city. The vehicles range from the UberX at the low-end (pictured above) to Lux at the high-end. In a new chart published on Thursday (gallery below), Uber revealed taking an UberX from Green Park to Soho Square would cost £5 with the pricing change. It claimed taking another private-hire car would cost as much as £12.

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Check out Uber's London page for more information on base fares.

Writing by Elyse Betters.