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(Pocket-lint) - Uber has announced a limited-time-only experiment. It's a delivery service in the US, called Corner Store.

Uber is a mobile app that connects passengers with screened drivers of vehicles for hire. You don't have to make a reservation or wait in a taxi line to use Uber. Just compare rates for different verified vehicles and services through Uber, then add a credit card to your account, and set your pick-up location on a map. Uber also lets you check the progress of your car and the route a driver took before paying. And now, with Uber, you can get specific goods delivered to you.

"Chili dogs without heartburn relief? A playdate without diapers? Sundress weather without a razor in sight? Starting August 19th, we’re putting these problems in the past with our latest experiment from the Uber Garage," announced Uber through a blog post. "No need to race to the store after a long day at the office - now you can request allergy medicine, diapers, toothpaste and over 100 other items through the Uber app."

To begin using Corner Store today, open the Uber app, then set your delivery location, and confirm your address. If a delivery driver is available, you'll recieve a text message with a link to all items available for purchase. The driver will then call and take your order. Remember to also meet your driver outside and confirm your order. Also, there is no cash required. Items ordered will be charged to your Uber account, with no additional fees.

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uber now has a delivery service but only in dc area for a limited time run image 2

Corner Store will be available Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 9 PM EDT, but only for a select number of Uber riders in the Washington DC area. The map above shows exactly where the coverage area starts and ends. Uber said it is "working to build supply" and will be sure to update you as it extend the hours of operation. You'll have to fill out Uber's form however, in order to receive update notifications.

Currently, Corner Store offers products like Benadryl Allergy LiquiGels, Cottonelle Baby Wipes, Listerine Original Mouthwash, Kleenex tissues, and other household and first aid goods. You can discover what else can be delivered through the service's online inventory list.

Corner Store will run for a few weeks, but Uber said "the more you love it, the more likely it will last."

Writing by Elyse Betters.