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(Pocket-lint) - Friday 18 July is set to be the hottest day of the summer in England. Fear not, Uber is offering ice cream on demand in over 144 cities in 38 countries. If the heat is getting too much reach for your Uber app and you can beckon an ice cream van.

As a publicity stunt Uber is unleashing a fleet of ice cream vans around cities including London, Manchester and Dublin which can be ordered from the Uber app. Usually used for calling cabs Uber will be branching out from 11am to 7pm around city centres.


From the details we've been sent it seems like the minimum order is £20 which gets you five Mr Whippy ice creams and some "branded Uber goodies". Uber does say you can order higher multiples but nothing about less.

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To request an ice cream van, open the Uber app and you should be able to see where the ice cream vans are, live. If one is available it will head right to you so you can get your creamed ice fix. You won't need to worry about handing over cash as ice cream drips down your arms though as the order is charged directly to your Uber account.

Uber has been at the heart of controversy in London of late as black cab drivers petitioned to TfL to make sure Uber follows the same laws as cabbies. TfL took Uber's side and Uber added black cabs to its books. After all that heated debate it appears to be offering a peace offering of sorts. Or just promoting itself. Either way, ICE CREAM!

Check the Uber blog link for the complete listing of cities included.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.