After uproar in the UK over taxi app service Uber, Transport for London has ruled that it is not breaking any laws.

There has been growing upset over recent months about apps like Uber not being held to the same standards as London's traditional Hackney Carriages, or black taxis. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association says that Transport for London (TfL) has failed to hold organisations like Uber to the same regulations that they have to adhere to.

Issues with metering rules have caused huge protest with roads being effectively shut for a go-slow day recently. But the TfL has now made its final decision siding with Uber.

TfL said: "In relation to the way Uber operates in London, TfL is satisfied that based upon our understanding of the relationship between the passenger and Uber London, and between Uber London and Uber BV, registered in Holland, that it is operating lawfully under the terms of the 1998 PHV(L) Act."

Uber has now updated its app so that it also works with London's black cabs. But it still gets away with not suffering the metering restrictions that black cabs are forced to adhere to.

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