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(Pocket-lint) - Clipp is a new app that's being hailed as the "Uber for bar tabs". Yes, hailed.

Clipp allows pub goers to put a tab on the app, which they can limit from their phone, negating the need to leave a card behind the bar. It also means when it comes to settle up there's no need to queue up as it can be done right in the app. The catch? It's Australia only at the moment.


The Clipp app can be linked on multiple phones so that other users at the same pub are able to order drinks. That's where the price limiter, on the card holder's account, could come in useful.

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The Clipp app is free on iOS and Android and shows what's been ordered, spent and updated in real-time.

"I think everyone can relate to the fact that they've done the walk of shame, thinking 'Where's my credit card after I went out last night?'" said the entrepreneur behind Clipp, Greg Taylor. "But there's also a security issue around that because you're leaving two very important points of ID with the venue or with the bar - your driver's license and your credit card."

Clipp is currently used mainly in Australia where it's setup for use in 130 venues with 100 more set to go live soon. While the app can be downloaded worldwide it won't work quite the same way, for now. 

Writing by Luke Edwards.