It's the run-up to Christmas and that means parties, and with parties comes the inevitable question of how you are going to get home.

We have piled together a few apps from private drivers who can find you wherever you are, to live tube updates in case you fancy that final dash to the station before they say good night.


Uber is a great app when you need a taxi service but you've spent your cash on all those rounds.

The app allows you to request a taxi, compare rates for different cars and get a quote so you'll not only know roughly what you are paying but you can opt to travel in style.

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It's worth noting that Uber's charges reduce if the car is travelling less than 11mph so you won't pay as much to be sitting in a traffic jam.

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If you don't know exactly where you are (we won't ask why), you can set your pick up location on a map and the driver will find you, plus the app shows the car's progress so you know how long you have to say your goodbyes.

When it comes to paying, that bit is nice and easy too. You can either use Google Wallet, PayPal or add a credit card to your Uber account and you'll get a receipt emailed to you.

You can download the Uber app for free on Google Play and iTunes.

National Rail

You might not fancy paying for a taxi to take you home, even if it is your preferred option, in which case you need to get on board with the National Rail app so you don't miss that last train.

Real time train information is available through the app, including any disruptions, and it allows you to re-plan your journey in case there are "leaves on the line".

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The My Travel section lets you to save all your favourite journeys and stations enabling you to find out when your next train home is quickly and you can track the progress of any train.

One of our favourite features on this app though is wake-up alerts. These make sure you don't miss your stop or get caught at the back end of the train when the front end divides and carries on.

You can download the National Rail app for free on Google Play and iTunes.

Tube Map Live Underground

If you happen to have left your party or evening out before the tubes stop, the Tube Map Live Underground app is a great one to have on hand.

It will find your nearest tube station for when you are stuck in the middle of the road wondering where to go, and there is a route planner so you know which one of those coloured lines is the best to get you home.

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You will also be able to pick up live departure and station information so you'll know exactly how long you have to sprint down those escalators before the doors slam shut.

You can download the Tube Map Live Underground app for free on Google PlayiTunes and Windows Phone Store.


Similar to Uber, Hailo is another app that brings a taxi to you so there is no need for arm waving at every car that passes.

It uses Google Maps to pinpoint where you are so if you aren't sure, the licensed taxi driver will find you anyway.

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You'll be able to watch it arrive in real time and when it comes to paying, you can use cash or card so no need to worry about stopping at the cash point if you'd rather just get home.

Hailo will also email you a receipt of your journey so if you have a habit of losing those bits of paper you need to claim your expenses back, then this app is right up your street.

You can download the Hailo app for free on Google Play and iTunes.

London Transport Live

If you'd prefer to ride home on the classic big red bus, the London Transport Live app is a good one to have as it covers both the bus and the tube.

It uses live data from Transport for London and takes the Countdown bus information to make sure you know exactly when your next bus or tube is coming. If you know you've got 10 minutes, you can always squeeze in that extra drink.

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You'll have access to live bus departure boards and live arrivals for the tube and DLR service, plus there is Journey Planner integration so you can plan where you are going, how long it will take to get there, and what time you'll need to leave.

In the full version, you'll also get jam cams information and Barclays Cycle Hire docking station statuses in case you suddenly decide that biking it home is the way forward.

You can download the London Transport Live app for free on Google Play.