If you've just accessed your Twitter page and seen that you now have the ability to create and manage lists, then you are one of the 5% of Twitter users that Twitter opened up the service to.

"We are expanding availability of Lists to 5% of users and will work our way up to a full roll-out in the coming weeks", the micro-blogging service announced.

Twitter Lists, was officially launched earlier in the month to a select handful of Twitter users, allowing them to create lists of their favourite or most relevant Twitter folk.

The new offering, which isn't available to everyone at the moment, gives the opportunity for those lucky enough to be included the ability to create numerous lists based on whatever they want, be it their employees, favourite celebrities or the top 100 tech people to follow in the UK.

The idea, which has strung from #followfriday, encourages users to share good twitterers and hopefully make the service more meaningful.

Early reports suggest that the service is very basic with no search facility to be able to search for people you want to add to a list. Instead you will have to manually find them and then add them to a list.

Expect third party applications like TweetDeck and Tweetie to add List functionality to their applications in the not too distance future.