A UK court has ordered that an injunction be delivered via Twitter, in a move that's being seen as a landmark legal first. The writ is being issued against an anonymous Tweeter who's squatting on the @blaneysblarney account and impersonating Donal Blaney - the owner of a firm of solicitors.

The Tweeter in question will be served the writ by the high court the next time they access the service. Andre Walker from the firm, Griffin Law, said: "Whoever they are, they will be told to stop posting, to remove previous posts and to identify themselves to the High Court via a web link form".

The barrister who won the injunction, Matthew Richardson, said: "People have to learn that they can no longer hide behind the cloak of anonymity the Internet provides and break the law with impunity".

Twitter is working on premium offerings on its site where users will be able to pay to have their account verified, after which a seal will appear on their profile, indicating that they're the real deal.