Twitter has announced on its official blog that it'll be launching a new feature soon called "Lists". This allows you to create lists of Twitter users within a certain subset like, for example, Pocket-lint's Top 100 UK Tech Tweeters list.

Lists are viewable by the public by default, though it's possible to make them private, and any lists you create are linked from your profile - other users can then subscribe to them. Twitter's aiming for this to be a way to discover new users.

The functionality will be available in the Twitter API soon, too. That's due in "a few days", according to the company, and will mean that Lists will start showing up in third party Twitter clients. The functionality is still in limited testing, though, so won't be available yet on all accounts.

Twitter says it created the feature "because of the frequent requests we received from people who were looking for a better way to organize information on Twitter". Sounds interesting - we'll let you know when it launches publicly.