Twitter's a pretty big yard these days. So, with no time to go chasing wild geese around, your friendly neighbourhood Pocket-lint has compiled a list of the finest geek minds and microblogging wordsmiths in the UK that you should follow for all things tech.

Without further ado, in no particular order and by their own bios, here are the top 100 tweeters you should be following.


- Zara Rabinowicz writes about technology and beauty and likes gadgets, gaming and frozen yogurt. She is Staff Writer for Stuff Magazine.


- i like news and booze.


- Half Chinese, half Spanish Londoner. Editorial director


- I love mobile phones like I love air. Founder and




- tech analyst, photographer and londoner


- Consumer Technology PR - anything that makes life that bit more simple and pleasurable!!


- Editor of Global Telecoms Business magazine. See for other links


- Writery person for gadget website I once sat next to Richard Bacon in a cinema - true story.


- (Stuart Dredge)


- PR agency specialising in Tech, Gadgets and Toys


- Channel 4 news


- Technology Correspondent journalista and navel-gazer


- PR healthily obsessed with telecoms, IT and the web.


- Mac journalist, and speaker of opinions that are my own and may not necessarily reflect the opinion of employers past or present. You nonce.


- Tech journalist and cynic (editor of Know Your Mobile)


- CCgroup Daily Tech Newsletter


- The Guardian's Technology editor. Posting the news, chasing the news on Apple, Google etc. What you got?


- Tech journalist who likes frozen peas, cats, the Smiths, knitting and letterpress stationary. Gadgets too obviously - fan of Android, lomo and more


- work in the comms team at Orange UK, follow me for our latest news and ramblings...


- Technology editor, Daily Telegraph


- My name is Pocket-lint Reviews Editus, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor ... etc


- Business and technology journalist, analyst, media relations consultant, broadcaster and defender of the geek faith.


- Serial entrepreneur, telecommunications specialist, founder of Howler Technologies and producer of The Really Mobile Project.


- Tech journalist, football blogger, feature writer at Pocket-lint, Tottenham Hotspur fanatic and inventor of the dirty pudding


- Official tweet for the Digital Britain team, based in the Department for Business and the Department for Culture


- B2B technology PR Manager and photographer


, specialising in telecoms, electronics, IT infrastructure and software


- I'm a tech journo living, working and freelancing in Bath, UK - mostly for where I'm Deputy Editor (




- 22-year-old Journalist for the BBC World Service


- Technology & Digital Media correspondent for The Telegraph, media and arts journo. Follow me on this and on Telegraph Tech Twitter feed


- Wez Knowles - Blogger, Sushi addict, Apple geek, a sucker for all things shiny


- (Frank Meehan)


- Science and tech writer and broadcaster. Mobile phone reporter for CNET UK


- Analyst covering next-gen wireless networks and services


- I'm the Editor of GameSpot UK. I'm 'GuyJC' on PlayStation Network, 'Dan Ashcroft' on Xbox Live.


- Writer, journalist, aspiring novelist, aspired smartarse. News Ed of TrustedReviews. Geordie without Geordie accent. Love dogs, even though they make me sneeze


- Sarah Blow, founder of Girl Geek Dinners & GirlyGeekdom... Extreme Sports Girl Geek & Community Manager at TweetMeme!


- gave birth to and and now vlogger for Telegraph blogs


- editor of


- CNET UK's Home Cinema editor - Feed contains strong language, not suitable for minors


- Head of Digital Production, Tech and Science Blogger Telegraph journalist, head of digital production, science and technology blogger, beekeeper.


- Gin enthusiast, and Electricpig editor. In that order


- Tech PR type, also blogging about music and technology - well, where they meet in a dark ally and have a bit of rough and tumble


- Guardian writer, currently off growing a baby, and interwebber


- Jonathon Weinberg - Freelance journo, tabloid hack, gadget geek and Spurs fan - which is worse?


- Geek. Digital PR/SEO. Blogger


- If technology doesn't seem like magic, it's probably obsolete UK geek, blogger, consultant, human being etc ' target='_blank'>


- Computer editor of the Guardian. Keen on computing, hi-fi and photography. Tweets lots of fun stuff


- Journalist covering the digital advertising and marketing space for - an Incisive Media publication


- Just your average tea drinker


- (Deptuty editor of


- Tech geek, musician, writer, worshipper


- Brooklyn girl living in London. I like candy, gadgets & everything mobile. I host 2 weekly shows on But enough about me, lets talk about you


- elecoms PR at Hotwire


- A technology journalist for Reuters TV in London.


- I produce a tech show Digital Planet on BBC World Service. Sometimes I make science docs for Radio 4. Fan of bicycles, wine and rabbits.


- Staff Writer for PC Pro, Britain's biggest monthly computing and technology magazine.


- Editor of and the Inquirer; Spurs fan


- Professional idiot and journalist


- The Evening Standard's Science and Technology Correspondent


- Editor, TechCrunch Europe. Personal blog: Please @ me with an intro if you follow, thanks :-)


- Xbox LIVE Editor, EMEA and staunch opposer of hilarious fictional secondary careers


- The Mobile Data Association, empowers mobile data centric businesses.


- Tech Correspondent for The Times of London


- Journalist, senior editor at CBS / CNET, technical metal drummer, pianist and anime obsessive. Also, an angry person


- Tech journo with secret stash of robot stories and liking for doctor dramas. Also edits Mobile Choice, a fine rag all about phones n phone stuff (editor of Mobile Choice)


- We keep an eye on the UK's telecoms, TV and radio industries to make sure they're doing the best for all of us.


- Twitter home of Pocket-lint covering tech and gadget news and reviews (us)


- Editor at Follow techradar for site stuff


- journalist, writer, rugby player, funny man, all round good guy, man of the hour, bon vivant


- All things


- CNET UK News and Features Editor and twat about town. Likes comics, films, punk rock, writing comics that'll never be seen


- Freelance tech journalist. Currently moving flats.


- 'Twitter correspondent' at Sky News. Yes, really. Got a story or just want to say hello to us? Get in touch


- London-based music, games and technology journalist. I write for a website called Pocket-lint


- Editor of Cars and Computing, CNET UK


- The BBC's technology correspondent


- Editor of iGIZMO magazine, human being and fan of all sorts related to neither


- Technology pundit and journalist. Editor of, ex-ZDNet blogger, documentary maker (In Search of the Valley)


- Technology and music journalist - web TV presenter & lyricist,too. Loves retro specs, Smiths/ Morrissey, Richard Hawley & James Bond, indie and '60s pop fan.


- Don't follow me. I will only disappoint. (other half of fixation video)


- UK Tech Journalist, PHP/Twitter Developer, MTB Stunt Rider, Linux Guy and Open Source Advocate.


- British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger


- Top stories and more from the UK's best management and technology publication, giving CIOs and top execs the insight to drive their businesses forward


- gadget show/motogp presenter/journalist/good egg


- Social media entrepreneur, latte drinker, 60s music obsessive


- Founder of, tech journalist, currently based in NYC


- Journalist, founder of miramus Ltd, Co-Founder, Shiny Media. Crochet addict., woodland owner, dork.


- Communities Editor, Tech Blogger Journalist. Head of Technology (Editorial) at Telegraph Media Group


- I can eat more than most people, and I'm a journo for TechRadar


- I run the BBC News Technology site (these views are mine and not those of the BBC)


- Editor of PC Pro, lover of pizza and tech in roughly equal amounts.


- Digital media correspondent, Financial Times


- Work account of technology & social media enthusiast and web development editor (business) of The Times, London.


- high tech/mobile industry analyst, focused particularly on the smart phone and navigation/LBS markets


- Aussie guy, tech analyst, living in London, rides bike, likes arguments


- Tweeting news and views of UK tech journos and PRs. Founder: @andylim | Twitter: @katiesol | Events: @hyslop + @laurenmcgregor | Contact: UKTJPR


- I'm addicted to technology - now writing for my dream job!


- Half of Fixation Video. I also write the internet. Sometimes they let me in magazines too. More here:


- I'm a Botox Cowboy with an interest in USB sticks. Oh and I'm news editor of a gadget magazine called Stuff (although what I write here is just my own opinion)


- Editor in Chief at TheNextWeb. CoFounder at WeDoCreative


Pocket-lint is not responsible for any non-tech related piffle spouted about cats being sick and queues down at Safeways encountered when following any of the above people. Additionally, any individuals who feel they have been unfairly left out of the list should rest assured that they have been omitted entirely on purpose.