It's being reported that the Collins English Dictionary will be enhanced this year with a number of onomatopoeic terms created by users of social networks. 287 additions have been made, including words like hmm, heh, meh and mwah.

Hmm is a word that indicates that a person is thinking, whereas heh is used when something isn't funny enough for a full lol. Meh is used to show distaste or an uncaring stance towards something, whereas mwah is a big exaggerated kiss.

Some gaming terms have also entered the dictionary, including "noob", but there's also a selection from the real world - including "staycation" and "ecotarian".

Collins' editorial director, Elain Higgleton, says that the words will stay as long as they're used: "In three or four years a lot of these words may have fallen out of use and might well come out of the dictionary", she told The Times.

Is "meh" really a word, or is this the bastardisation of the English language? Should languages evolve over time? Share your thoughts in the comments.