Twitter the popular micro-blogging site went down on Thursday leaving Twitter users with the usual panic of what to do next.

According to the "down for everyone or just me" website the site was inaccessible around 5pm UK time. Users visiting there twitter page online simply got:

"HTTP Server Error 503. No available server to handle this request"

It seems that twitter clients like Tweetie and TweetDeck have also been affected.

Could it be another DDoS attack? We aren't yet sure.

The news comes just two weeks after Twitter was brought down by a denial-of-service attack on the site.

At the time Twitter referring to the attack that targeted a single user said that "Although not wanting to get into the political elements of what had happened, the founder said that the site will continue to "improve system response to these assaults such that they don't interfere with our normal, everyday Twittering."

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: The site appears to be back online - As you were