Today I experienced my first real moment of Twitter spam.

No I am not talking about a bunch of followers inflating my follow numbers, but actually direct spam comments via the replies panel.

The quick and rather fire hose mentally of the tweets - admittedly currently only 5 in around 5 seconds shows how vulnerable the system is and how, if spammers gain control, the replies system could have to be abandoned completely.

It is a shame because the replies system is useful. For one, it allows me to comment on other peoples streams, start new friendships and basically be "social", however what happens when this is filled with adverts for porn, drugs and penis enlargement options?

Twitter has said that it is working on the replies element to the site making it more formal and possible allowing you to see more replies with in the streams however this move could compound the problem with further.

It will be a sad day if that happens, but I worry the spammers are coming.

The question is, can Twitter stop the flood?