Less than 48 hours after shutting up shop, the Url-shortening site tr.im, has re-opened for business. It will remain active indefinitely while parent company the Nambu network searches for an appropriate buyer or viable strategic future for the service. A statement on the tr.im blog reads:

"We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popular response, and the countless public and private appeals I have received to keep tr.im alive. We have answered those pleas."

Nambu ellaborated on the reasons the service was shut down in the face of its strong competition, stating that "Twitter has stacked the Url-shortening business opportunity overwhelmingly in bit.ly’s favour". All natural Urls sent in Twitter are automatically transformed into a bit.ly links by the microblogging service - a practice, which tr.im belives has caused an unfair monopoly and growth in bit.ly's market share to 46%.

It's unclear as to who might buy tr.im for now but Nambu says they are committed to staying well away from an advertising redirecting model, sponsored links, framed URLs or any other commercial solution which would compromise the end user experience.

More developments on the story when we here them.