The creator of social bookmarking site Delicious (formerly known as has launched a new project which aims to organize the mess of Twitter @replies into something a little easier to read.

Joshua Schachter, who now works at Google, has built a barebones proof-of-concept website called "a tiny thread" that uses the @reply convention to chain messages together chronologically. At the moment, you have to use the site to start a conversation, which then uses OAuth to send it to Twitter with a link to the "a tiny thread" conversation page.

Other sites have tried to accomplish a similar thing in the past, but it's easily broken by retweets, and the results get messy fast. At the moment that's solved by the fact that you can only reply to threads on the site itself, so it'll be an interesting challenge to see if Schachter can overcome that.

We'll keep you posted of the site's progress.