Although still not yet monetising the service, Twitter is taking steps to attract more business users, perhaps in the hope of getting them all hooked before some kind of payment model is introduced.

The site has revealed the "Twitter 101", a guide to the service, how to get started on Twitter, an introduction to the vocab, some best practice guidelines and case studies showing how other businesses, large and small, have seen success via Twitter.

"We coordinated with business students and writers to surface some interesting findings, best practices, steps for getting started, and case studies", Twitter says of the 101 in a blog post.

"The results demonstrate how customers are getting value out of Twitter and suggest techniques businesses can employ to enhance that value. While this work was envisioned for businesses, it's also useful for anyone using Twitter so have a look if you like".

As well as online, the Twitter 101 is also available as a ready-to-go, downloadable PDF slideshow which spoon-feeds the message for Twitter devotees hoping to persuade colleagues/bosses in larger organisations to jump on the Twitter train.