A website called "Tweet Your Prayers" has launched, which allows Jewish people to send prayers to The Kotel, also known as the Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem. Any prayers sent will be printed and concealed in the wall.

The site says that it exists "to give anyone on earth the opportunity to place his prayers in the Kotel", as well as "to use the popularity and prevalence of Twitter in order to make the Kotel more accessible". "It's substantially easier, quicker and cheaper than hoping on a plane to Israel", the site points out.

The anonymous founder says he wants to stay that way - "We believe the Wall is too big and sacred to have human names associated with it", he says, describing himself as "a young man from Tel-Aviv, who is also responsible for most of the online activity".

The site's struggling a little with demand, right now, so check back later if you have difficulty.