How do you get more mentions on Twitter than Michael Jackson or Wimbledon? Dangle ten MacBook Pros in front of the Twitter community, is how.

DIY website-making company Moonfruit has done just that and managed to top the Twitter charts, so to speak, with its prize bribe.

Moonfruit is currently giving away 10 MacBook Pros over 10 days as a celebration of its 10th anniversary.

In order to be in with a chance to win, Twitter users have to include #moonfruit in a tweet and are then automatically entered in a prize draw.

As Twitterers rush to do so, the hashtag #moonfruit is now Twitter's top trending topic today, with around 400 tweets a minute and rising.

Moonfruit claims it's one of the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns to date and says visits to its site are up a massive 600% as a result.

The company has now extended the comp to include prizes for the most innovative or creative tweets that incorporate the hash tag.