Twitter has been used as an online vehicle for a modern day performance of part of James Joyce's 1922 novel "Ulysses" to celebrate "Bloomsday" on 16 June, reports Reuters.

Thought up by Ulysses enthusiasts Ian Bogost and Ian McCarthy who "wanted to try to use the site in a culturally interesting way", chapter ten from the book was recreated through the micro-blogging site.

The Ians registered 54 of the novel's characters as Twitter users and adapted the chapter into 140 word, first-person statements that went live in sequence, thanks to some clever software created by the pair.

Bogost, who says in his blog that he does not like Twitter ("In the world of Twitter, you... pay constant, tiny homage to a new gimmickry") says: "For long-term literary uses of Twitter, it's certainly a viable and interesting option".