Mobile phone maker INQ has revealed it is to launch a "Twitter phone" as a follow-up to the Facebook phone, otherwise known as the INQ1, it launched via UK operator 3 last year.

Perhaps showing the shift from Facebook to Twitter as the social networking service du jour, INQ plans to have the new handset on the market in time for Christmas 2009, with a Q4 launch scheduled.

Due to cost operators less than $140, so not a high-end model by any means, the phone will come complete with an internet-, not SMS-based Twitter client, Frank Meehan, chief executive of INQ, has told Reuters.

"This can really help open up and drive Twitter use on mobile when usage becomes part of your data package like on the PC", Meehan said.

INQ is owned by Hutchison-Whampoa, 3's parent company, so it's almost certain that the Twitter phone would be offered through 3 in the UK, however, Meehan was quoted back in January saying INQ was in talks with other operators to offer the Facebook phone, so a multi-operator deal is possible.