Twitter users are being targeted in a new scam that promises to dramatically increase the number of their Twitter followers.

Twitter users may see a tweet in their stream that reads. "OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from".

Once clicked, the link goes to a fraudulent Twitter site requesting log-in and password details, sends out this tweet to all followers as well as direct users to a dating website, with pay-per-click revenue - as well as nicking a user's Twitter log-in deets - the apparent aim.

PC Tools is warning about the worm, said to be spreading quickly, with most attacks so far in the US, Canada, Sweden and Brazil.

PC Tools says: "The worm is taking advantage of the current trend of amassing Twitter followers in order to capture users' Twitter account details and self-propagate".

The advice is to ignore tweets that refer to "Twittercut" and don't enter your log-in details on the "Twittercut" site.