A secondary school teacher in Bute, Scotland, is under fire over her use of Twitter in the classroom. She apparently was posting up to 38 messages a day on the site, some about pupils.

The local council blocks social networking sites, so it'd believed that the teacher accessed the site on her mobile phone. Under investigation is whether sensitive information was placed on public display, and whether the Tweeting took place in work hours.

Sample tweets from the teacher include:
- "Had S3 period 6 for last two years...don't know who least wants to do anything, them or me"
- "Have three Asperger's boys in S1 class - never a dull moment! Always offer an interesting take on things"
- "The thought of having some of my S4 beyond exam time doesn't bear thinking about - for them as well as me I suspect"
- "Depute came in while I was logging on"

The council say that the teacher in question "is not facing disciplinary action", however she also owns a blog which isn't permitted under council policy. One post from April read: "I've been out of blogging practice for a couple of months, no idea why (too busy twittering maybe!)".