T-shirt manufacturer Threadless has entered into a partnership with Twitter that'll feature notable Tweets submitted and voted on by Twitter users on T-shirts.

Anyone can submit a tweet for consideration, as well as vote on other peoples' submissions. Anyone submitting a tweet of theirs that's chosen to be manufactured gets a $500 reward, but if you just nominate someone else's then you'll still get $140. 1 dollar per character, presumably.

You can also nominate other peoples' tweets, however the site states: "All Twitter users whose Tweets are nominated for a Twitter Tee will be notified via Twitter and asked to approve the nomination before the Tweet is published to the audience for voting", so don't worry about being made an unwilling t-shirt icon.

Twitter founder Biz Stone says: "I've been a huge fan of Threadless for years. I'm thrilled that Threadless is tapping into our platform to bring crowdsourced tees to our millions of users. It’s awesome! The first four tees are incredible and I can't wait to see which Tweets our users will vote onto future t-shirts".

Four of the shirts have been produced so far:
- I'm huge on Twitter
- In space, no-one can hear you tweet
- 140 is the new 420
- The messaging system we didn't know we needed until we had it

They cost $18 apiece, and are available now.