In case you weren't aware, 15 May is National Work from Home Day in Britain. It encourages people to work from home, instead of commuting to an office, in order to encourage "smarter working practices".

To promote the campaign, Speed Communications has created a Google Maps mashup which displays tweets that contain postcodes and the hashtag #nwfhd. The map updates every thirty seconds with the most recent tweets.

Stephen Waddington, MD of Speed Communications says: "Companies that refuse to allow home working are like paranoid parents suppressing their children. With secure technology, trust and clear policies, all companies should allow a degree of flexibility. The benefits are simple: it boosts moral, improves productivity and helps address work/life balance".

The idea is based on the #uksnow mashup, created by Ben Marsh and reported on by Pocket-lint in February. His map allowed users to post areas where snowfall had occurred in real-time.