The Twitter replies saga keeps rolling. Company founder Biz Stone has posted an apology on the official blog, which states quite plainly: "We screwed up".

Stone blames a communications problem - he rushed to write a blog post about the change once he'd heard that it was going live to users. He admits he wrote it from a product design perspective, rather than a technical one - which was the chief reason for the change.

Lastly, he reminds readers that "only 3% of all Twitter accounts ever changed this setting away from the default", but says that it was causing other features to degrade. He ends by promising to be less "distracted and hasty" in the future.

Analysts have pointed out that there still doesn't appear to be any real solution for this problem. Stone says that the company can't turn the feature back on, and has only promised vague "new and improved" settings in the future. Until the company can deliver on a real solution, there's still going to be a lot of upset users out there.