Twitter has updated the emails it sends out to users when they get new followers after Pocket-lint requested the change a couple of weeks ago.

Now we aren't saying that it was down to us - well maybe we are - but following a tweet on the Pocket-lint feed for more information to be included in the Twitter emails a couple of weeks ago, the emails you get have been supercharged.

It seems that enough people retweeted our request and it's gone all the way back to head office.

So now instead of getting a plain text message saying that you are being followed by "a n other", you now get a picture of them, how many followers they have, how many people are following them and how many updates.

You also get a direct link to their profile and the ability to block them as well at the click of a mouse button.

In reality, the move is expected to combat the growing amount of spam twittering allowing you to quickly spot whether your followers are real people or merely ghost accounts.

But hey, it's nice to think for a brief moment that between us we had something to do with it.