The majority of Twitterers quickly become quitterers, according to new statistics revealed by web metrics company Nielsen Online.

Over 60% of Twitter sign-ups stop using the microblogging service after just 1 month, the firm reports.

Although Twitter's growth is described as "astonishing", it seems the service isn't having much luck at retaining new users that grow quickly bored with the site.

"People are signing up in their droves", says David Martin, vice president of primary research at Nielson Online in a blog post.

"But despite the hockey stick growth chart, Twitter faces an uphill battle in making sure these flocks of new users are enticed to return to the nest".

The steep drop off in numbers is partly attributed to the celebrity effect on Twitter with "high profile" famous users attracting curiosity - but not long-term interest - from


reading types.

In the States, US TV queen Oprah Winfrey recently featured Twitter on her talk show, leading to worry that the service would see an influx of "soccer moms".