Following a huge media push and public fight against CNN, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has become the first twitter user to reach 1 million twitter followers.

The achievement (if you can call it that) happened early on Friday morning and saw the actor, who's dating Demi Moore, beat CNN to the punch by claiming the first twitter user with a million followers.

Kutcher who only joined Twitter a couple of months ago has pushed hard in recent weeks to hit the 1 million mark, promising not only money to charity, but also to "ding dong ditch" Ted Turner - basically knocking on his door and running away before they open it.

"Victory is ours!!!!!!!!" claimed Kutcher after winning the contest.

However not everyone was interested in following @aplusk with many twitter fans of the service not even knowing who he is:

"I'm not following @aplusk. Mainly because I thought Ashton Kutcher was an M4 service station", one Pocket-lint's twitter followers chirped.

CNN (@CNNBrk) also now has 1 million users as of Friday. American chat show host Oprah Winfrey (@oprah) has already grabbed over 60,000 followers in just a single day from joining as twitter fans land rush celebrities joining the service.

Commentators believe that the move by Oprah will catapult the service bringing with it a new barrage of "soccer mums".