Twitter has been compromised by a virus the micro blogging service is reporting.

"Earlier today we were informed of a malicious site that was spreading links to on Twitter without user consent via a cross-site scripting vulnerability. We’ve taken steps to remove the offending updates, and to close the holes that allowed this “worm” to spread", the company said on its status page.

Although "No passwords, phone numbers, or other sensitive information were compromised as part of this attack", the virus could still be lurking and the security experts are recommending users to stay clear.

Details are still thin on the ground at this point, however some twitter users are reporting that the virus can change details in users "About Me" section to include a link to the worm.

The StalkDaily website has issued a statement to TechCrunch saying that they aren't behind the attack, however the site that reports on social networking and web startups is still recommending users steer clear of not only StalkDaily, but also their Twitter homepage.

We will keep you posted.