Twitter founder Biz Stone has distanced himself and the company from a new London based venture called Twitter Partners.

In a message on the Twitter blog on Thursday, Stone confirms that the company has "no official business arrangement with a consulting agency recently created in the UK calling itself Twitter Partners".

Twitter Partners, created this week, is a London-based agency that plans to offer the tools and consultancy that "can help brands, media companies, and celebrities harness the power of the Twitter ecosystem".

Suggesting a name change for Twitter Partners could be imminent, Stone comments:

"We have spoken with these folks in person and we wish them well as they endeavor to add value to the ecosystem that is growing around Twitter. However, the name, branding, and suggestion that Twitter has some kind of equity partnership or an agreement of any kind in place is misleading and wrong. We'll be working with Peter and his team to clear up this confusion".

Jumping on the huge explosion the micro blogging service has experienced it's clear the company, which has the founders of on the advisory team, is hoping to capitalise on large companies who don't understand how the service works and are feeling left out.

Virgin Media and Universal Pictures have, it seems, already signed up.