The Twitterverse is aghast this morning following the news that you can no longer reply to your followers.

In a world that moves as fast as playground banter, the Twitter creators believe that we "mention" rather than "reply" to our followers, hence the name change has been rolled out across the globe to all Twitter users as of now.

Claiming the update was for the good of the service, it seems the clever Twitter types (that's you dear reader) have started getting more inventive with how they Twitter - the horror.

"Now people include @username mentions in the middle of tweets as a way to simply reference another account", says Stone, clearly suggesting that they didn't expect such a bold move from the Twitterati when it came to using the service.

So Replies have been ditched, mentions have been created and "Today's update better reflects how folks are using Twitter now".

Time for a nap to take in the news.