Twitter could soon charge commercial accounts for using its micro-blogging services, a company exec has revealed.

The site's popularity has dramatically increased recently with almost 1000% growth in a year, but as with many Web 2.0 start-ups, does not currently actually have any way to make money from the service.

The co-founder of the service, Biz Stone, told Marketing magazine: "We are noticing more companies using Twitter and individuals following them. We can identify ways to make this experience even more valuable and charge for commercial accounts".

Stone would not reveal what the likely charges would be and made it clear that individual users would not be charged.

Marketing magazine asked Bob Pearson, Dell's vice-president of communities and conversations (who recently announced Twitter exclusives to US users) if they would consider paying.

Pearson said: "If it becomes complicated and costly, our instinct would be to move elsewhere".

DVD rental company LOVEFiLM said: "It depends - on price, demand and what else is around".