Stephen Fry has broken the 100,000 twitter followers mark making him one of the most followed twitter users of the micro-blogging site.

"@amellioh Hi there Hayley! You are my 100,000th follower! And I'm proud to be your first. Welcome to Twitter xxx", tweeted Fry on his twitter feed on Monday after finding out that he broke the 100k barrier.

The sheer amount of followers, which has doubled in the last 2 weeks makes the British presenter, comedian and all round intellectual more popular than Twitter's official twitter feed.

Stephen Fry's follower numbers mean he is just 20,000 followers away from beating CNN's breaking news service and 120,000 away from the number one spot, currently held by US president Barack Obama.

Stephen Fry uses the twitter feed to let followers know everything from his walking to working habits, but received a massive boost in followers after talking about it with Jonathan Ross on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

The show, which was watched by 5 million people, has sparked dozens more celebrities to join the service and tweet about their life.