Stephen Fry's appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross has resulted in everyone's favourite intellectual adding almost 10,000 followers to his Twitter feed in just 3 days.

In what is likely to propel the micro-blogging service into the mainstream, the conversation of "Do you Twitter?" came up in the show that saw Jonathan Ross, a Twitterer himself (@wossy) talk about tweats briefly in front of an audience of around 5 million viewers.

Fry's Twitter followers count, now makes him one of the most popular Twitterers on the site ranking in at number 6 behind BarackObama, Kevin Rose, Cnnbrk, Leolaporte and Twitter itself.

However the massive increase in followers that Mr Fry has received hasn't seemed to have translated to Ross' Twitter feed following the plug. According to, Ross hasn't added any Twitter followers since the show.

The Twitterverse's reaction was mixed however:

"Goodbye Twitter it's been nice knowing you. Getting out when the going's good. ;)", said one while another as the show was airing said: "I remember Twitter when it was all just wide open spaces #fnwjr".

Many Twitter users are worried that the influx of new users to the service will just be a fad.

"Why are early Twitter crowd so concerned at the coming of the masses? Shouldn't matter in pub/sub environment. Elitism?" questioned @anonymoustom