Google has announced that its Google Friend Connect service has been integrated with Twitter:

"Twitter folks will be able to bump into and recognize each other out there on the web—and discover new people to follow on Twitter", Twitter said on its blog.

The news according to Google will mean that "when you join a friend connected site, you can choose to use your Twitter profile, discover people you follow on Twitter who are also members of the site, and quickly tweet that you have found a cool website".

You'll then be able to send a tweet about a site you have joined, click the invite link in the members gadget, then click the Twitter icon on the share tab. The next time your followers sign in to Twitter, they'll see your tweet containing a link to the interesting site you've found.

Launched earlier in the year, Friend Connect aims to bring the web together by allowing members of a website to socially interact without the need for the webmaster to have any programming knowledge.