Twitter - heard of it? If you haven't it's the microblogging site that allows you to tell your "followers" (mates) what you are doing via your PC or mobile phone in 140 characters or less. Great you say, but why should you care?

Like the blogging phenomenon of the early noughties, Twitter has, in the last couple of weeks, hit the big time here in the UK. It's "the hockey stick" effect as marketing bods like to call it - where the hits graph trickles along and then goes crazy just like the loop at the end hockey stick.

Just as Facebookers last year were constantly asking others whether they were on the social networking site, now the buzz question at the office party is "do you Twitter?"

Pocket-lint Twitters, the BBC Twitters, Stephen Fry Twitters, and while it hasn't hit mass adoption enough that my mum Twitters (although she does have a blog), it's the new way to express opinions, snippets of your life, and anything else you care to share.

But beyond becoming yet another tool to mind numb you into information overload, the service is fast becoming a place to ask for help, share ideas and even arrange meet-ups when out and about.

A quick "tweet" that you're at Waterloo station can soon snowball into a round of drinks with other friends who also happen to be bored and waiting for a train. A shout out for help normally results in a barrage of responses to solve your problem.

It even, some say, has the power, to make or break a product, as Stephen Fry, who has around 20,000 followers knows after slating both the BlackBerry Storm and Sony Vaio via Twitter in recent weeks.

Public relations professionals, never ones to miss a trick, are jumping to the call of Twitter pushing out releases ahead of a more formal press statements, or generally trying to keep people informed as to what is what.

Citizen journalism is also helping the success of the service. The attacks in Mumbai showed us that. The speed (it's only 140 characters remember) of posting and the ability to do it from your phone on the move is what has made Twitter such a success for getting information out there fast. No need to find a PC, no need to write something profound, just 140 characters to get your message out.

Related services have sprung up around the original Twitter with Twitterfon, TwitterBerry, Twitterfox, Twitterrific, TweetDeck, twhirl, Twittelator Pro, Twitterfeed, Tweetsville, etc, etc, the list goes on, allowing you to post images, all allowing you to stay in touch whether you are putting your little ones to sleep or bored on the train.

Let's be realistic, it won't replace all the other means of communication such as email, Skype, IM and of course face to face, but it is interesting none the less that people are willing to not only talk to each other, but share moments with those that follow them.

In the month or so I've been using the service, I've hired someone via Twitter, found stories for the site via Twitter and even made new friends via Twitter.

And that, my Twittering friends, has got to be a good thing.

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