Following the loss of the UK text service to Twitter last week, two enterprising coders have moved in to save the day for twitters who feel cut off from the service.

Although not a free service, will allow users to get their Twitter SMS for 7p per text or £7 per 100 if they want to pay up for more in advance.

"Instead of flaming the forums, we decided to take matters into our own hands. So we built twitsms. A way for fans to keep getting their tweets via SMS, based on a 'user pays' system per message", Jeff Bonnes and Delia Timms say on the website.

The new company, based in Melbourne, Australia says it has created the new service over the weekend for those in the UK, Australia and other parts of the globe.

Last week, Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone emailed users and explained in a blog that the microblogging service simply can't afford to keep the text service going.

"Even with a limit of 250 messages received per week, it could cost Twitter about $1,000 per user, per year to send SMS outside of Canada, India, or the US", the message reads.

Stone said that the only way round this would be to make better billing arrangements with the UK's mobile phone operators.