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(Pocket-lint) - In early 2022, Twitter announced a limited test for a new feature called Twitter Circle. Now, that feature is now live for everyone. Here's everything you need to know about it.

What are Twitter Circles?

With Twitter Circle, you can add up to 150 people to a "Circle" - including followers and non-followers. Then, when you want to tweet without sharing it with everyone, you can dive into the Choose Audience menu and choose Twitter Circle instead of Everyone while writing your tweet. The ability to limit who sees your posts has long been available on other social networks, including Facebook. It's a privacy feature, really. One that allows members of your Circle to see the tweets you post, but it also limits those in your Circle from retweeting your tweets.


People in your Circle can still screenshot your tweet, of course, and share it elsewhere. So please keep that in mind if you want to try Twitter Circle.

Twitter Circles have been in development since at least last year, but at the time, it was called "Trusted Friends" or "Flock" and other branding. Now, it's called Twitter Circle, and at the moment, you can only create a single Circle, and only the person who creates it can see who is in the Circle. If you’re in a Circle, you can’t remove yourself, but you can still mute a tweet and thread if you want.

How to use Twitter Circles

You’ll see the option to share to to a Twitter Circle when you open the tweet composer. From the dropdown menu at the top of the composer, select Circle. You can then choose who you want in your Circle by hitting the Edit button. Those included in your Circle will see a badge that reads: "Only people in @[username]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet" beneath post.

Where are Twitter Circles available?

Twitter said Twitter Circles can be used across iOS, Android, and the web. They are available globally to all users starting 31 August 2022.

What's the point of Twitter Circles?

Twitter Circle is a lot like Instagram’s "close friends" feature that lets you share your posts with a limited group of people. On Twitter, you can add up to 150 people to your Circle, even if they don't follow you. When you want to send a tweet that you don't want the entire world to see, you can choose to share it with your Circle instead.

Want to know more?

For more about how Twitter Circle works, see Twitter's support hub.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.
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