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(Pocket-lint) - It's probably the most requested feature in all of tech, but it seems that the edit button might be coming to Twitter at last.

But hold your horses, because this isn't happening yet and you'll have to wait a little longer. Here's everything you need to know.

Wait, when did this happen?

Twitter surprised users when it shared a tweet on 1 September 2022, alerting people to the fact that they might see an edited tweet.

The tweet concludes with a tongue-in-cheek message "this is happening and you'll be okay", referring to the fact that the power to edit tweets has been hotly debated, with some saying it alters the nature of what Twitter is, or it gives people a method by which they can change things they've said which later gets unwanted attention.


What will Edit Tweet let you do?

The Edit Tweet button - at this point in time - will allow users to make changes to a tweet within 30 minutes of its original publication. The idea is to allow you to change things like typos or errors - it's not designed to allow you to rewrite history.

In fact, there will be a timestamp and a log of previous versions of the tweet, so that those who want to say something horrible and then change the wording, will find that the original horrible version is still there. That will provide clarity, so that the system can't be abused.  

Twitter says you'll be able to make several changes within that 30-minute window. That's understandable, because sometimes you just keep making mistakes.

When will Edit Tweets arrive?

Twitter confirmed in a blog post that it is testing tweet editing internally. That's why you might see some tweets that carry "last edited" messaging.

Twitter has gone on to confirm that it's going to roll-out to Twitter Blue users in "the coming weeks". That should see it available for Twitter Blue users during September 2022.

Currently the testing is happening with Twitter staff, but will then expand to a single country, with Twitter closely monitoring the impact that Edit Tweet has on the conversation and how the service is used.

There's no word in general availability - it might be that it remains a paid-for feature.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that unlocks additional Twitter features, very much aimed at power users - including the ability to "undo" a tweet within 30 seconds of posting it.

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The service is available the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It costs $2.99 a month - but with the promise of the ability to edit tweets, it could be about to become much more popular.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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