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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is looking to improve its Spaces experience according to a recent report, making it easier to find the subjects you're interested in, and offering up a 'daily digest'. 

The new redesign and revamp of Twitter Spaces will see the audio rooms organised by topic, making it much simpler to navigate and far easier to get to the stuff you actually care about. This could - for instance - be sports, music or technology (just as examples). 

With the 'daily digest' feature, Spaces would include a list of programs that you can just dive straight into and listen. In theory, it sounds very much like podcast discovery. 

News of this updated functionality was first brought by TechCrunch, having seen evidence of the new features being tested. Twitter also confirmed to the site that it has been working on concepts for the new Spaces features. 

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At this moment in time, the feature is still very much in its conceptualisation phase and Twitter hasn't said when it might be launched to the public, although did state that an official announcement would be coming at some point in the future. 

With this, and having set Twitter Spaces in its own tab within the Twitter app, it's clear the company wants to give this its own identity within the app, but also wants to make it more browseable. 

In its current state, Twitter Spaces gives you a long list of available audio rooms to dive into, but the organisation is relatively random, and it can be very difficult to actually find something you want to listen to. 

With the new improvements on the way, it should - at the very least - make it a less cumbersome experience. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.