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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter appears to be working on a new way for its users to keep on top of emerging trends and discussions, in the form of a way to add notifications for Tweets about anything you might search for.

The system seems to have been added at least partially to the latest version of Twitter's test version of its app, although the notifications themselves don't seem to be active.

What it shows us, though, is that the feature is called Search Subscribe, and that in theory it'll send you notifications about the topics you search for, if you choose to enable it on each search.

That sounds practical if you're searching for something fairly niche, but we're interested to know what criteria it would apply if you were to search for something that's constantly Tweeted about.

Signing up for the notifications will be as easy as tapping a new bell icon next to the search bar after you've typed your query, and it's also safe to assume there'll be a section in the app's settings where you'll be able to edit and remove your subscribed notifications in case you get tired of them.

Features added to testing versions of Twitter are by no means guaranteed to reach the final app, though, so it's also possible this will never really see the light of day.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Via: Twitter preps ‘Search Subscribe’ notifications for new tweets matching a search term - 9to5google.com
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