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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter's long wrangle with the concept of a button to let you edit your Tweets is a continuous one - the feature is more likely than ever, after Elon Musk's takeover of the social media giant.

Now, researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who frequently unearths Twitter features before they go live, along with those of other apps and services, has discovered evidence that points to how Twitter's current version of the tool works.

It shows a couple of instructive things - for one, a little label underneath a Tweet to say that it's been edited, so that readers don't mistakenly think it was a first-time effort.

The second image, meanwhile, shows a longer-form label to tell readers that there are older versions of the Tweet in question, which makes it look like you'll be able to see those earlier versions to see how they differed, even once they've been edited.

It's an interesting way of tackling the problem of potentially misleading Tweets - to abate the risk that someone could wait for one of their Tweets to go viral, then change its content drastically in a way that would offend or annoy those who've already liked or Retweeted it.

Whether this is actually how the feature will end up looking, of course, is not guaranteed at all, and Twitter could change its approach substantially before an Edit button ever becomes fully public.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.