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(Pocket-lint) - Do you remember way back in the day when you'd set your status on a social network or a messenger such as AIM? Well, Twitter is trying to recreate that experience, with a new "Vibe" feature it is reportedly developing.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly digs into the codes of apps to unearth undisclosed features, has discovered that Twitter is working on a feature called VIbe. It'll be a new way for you to set status updates. You would be able to set your status at the profile level, but you could also link them to specific tweets to show followers what you were doing at a specific moment.

Wong tweeted images of the feature, which Twitter hasn't yet announced, with what seemed to be generic presets for status (eating, driving, etc). It's not clear if you will be able to write your own updates.

Twitter reportedly first tested status updates about four years ago, but it never followed through with that idea.

It seems like Twitter is trying to give its users plenty of ways to express themselves as close to the moment as possible, whether it's with real-time tweeting, live audio sessions via Spaces, or now the ability to set your status to show your mood or what you're doing at any given time and even when you sent a tweet. Of course, Vibe isn't live yet for all or confirmed; it's only leaked so far.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.